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What We Treat
Chiropractors treat a variety of disorders affecting the nervous system, muscles, joints and other tissues of the body. The following list is a small sample of the broad scope of Chiropractic care:

o Back Pain
o Neck Pain
o Headaches
o Whiplash
o Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
o Arthritic/Degenerative Conditions
o TMJ Disorders
o Scoliosis
o Spinal Stenosis
o Nerve Entrapments
o Plantar Fasciitis
o Muscle Strains
o Ligament Sprains
o Tendinitis
o Disc Herniations
o Sciatica
o Fibromyalgia
o Rotator Cuff Injuries
o Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
o Ankle Sprains
o WSIB Work-Related Injuries
o Sports Injuries

We also offer custom orthotics if required, and have an assortment of products to help you become an active participant in maintaining your health at home.

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