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Dr. Garner’s Chiropractic technique of choice is referred to as Diversified. This technique is the traditional “hands-on” form of treatment that involves adjusting the joints of the spine and extremities. If you prefer not to be adjusted, or Dr. Garner determines that adjustments are not recommended for you, you may receive soft tissue therapy (a form of massage) or mobilizations. Mobilizations are gentle movements similar to an adjustment, but with less force and depth. The motion is repeated several times in a rhythmic pattern to produce an effect equal to that of an adjustment.

Many people believe that once Chiropractic care is started, it must be continued for life. This is the oldest and most untrue myth about Chiropractic. If your Chiropractor suggests an extended course of frequent visits with no valid reason, you may wish to seek a second opinion.

As with most muscle or joint problems in the body develop over time, it can take just as long to correct them. Your treatment schedule may start out with several visits in the first week or two, but the frequency of treatments will decrease as your condition improves. Similar to a course of antibiotic medication, your Chiropractic treatment is correcting the source of the problem. Even after the symptoms disappear, it is important to finish your course of treatment to ensure the cause of your complaint has been eliminated.

Most patients require no further treatment once fully recovered, but choose to continue with periodic maintenance care. These visits help to ensure their bodies are functioning optimally. Similar to a dental check-up, regular Chiropractic visits can help monitor and prevent problems before they become serious.

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