Injury Rehabilitation

Regardless of your injury, rehabilitation exercises ensure that your recovery is successful and will also help to prevent further recurrence. As a patient, you will be given a personalized rehabilitation program to ensure that you will safely and effectively reach your goals of recovery. 

Rehabilitation exercises may include floor exercises (using your own body weight as resistance), free-weights, tubing (rubber resistance bands) or cardiovascular exercise.

Proper stretching is also a key component to rehabilitation exercise. If done poorly, stretching can actually aggravate certain conditions. Proper positioning, movements and tension will ensure maximum muscle stretch with minimal risk of injury.

Low Back Injuries and Core Strength

Most people suffer back injury due to poorly developed core muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help to stabilize the low back and decrease the load placed on the spine.

There are four important core exercises which, if performed regularly (and correctly), can help to strengthen the torso muscles and stabilize the low back. Even healthy, fit individuals will benefit from these exercises, as they decrease the risk of future back injury and have also been shown to increase athletic performance by helping to maintain proper form and decreasing the amount of stored energy lost to unnecessary movements.

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